community-boating-center-kulshan-creek-boy-kayakI grew up believing that business owners are the pillars of community. They create jobs, solve problems, provide leadership, and through philanthropy, help those in need.

The opportunity for philanthropy–at whatever level is right for your business–is literally endless. I sincerely enjoy helping businesses choose which opportunities they’llĀ support based on their business’ core values, goals, and heart.

I was fortunate to write about a newer deserving program in my community for, The Community Boating Center’s Youth Enrichment Program. By getting at-risk and under served youth out onto the water in a safe and supportive environment, these kids build confidence, find friendship, and learn new physical and social skills. Do take a look and thenĀ get in touch to discuss how you can reasonably expand philanthropy in your business right now and in your next budget cycle.