Lorraine Wilde


Owner and Strategist


About Lorraine Wilde

My love of learning new things and expressing my creativity has led me into a variety of communities throughout Bellingham and Whatcom County, WA and throughout the Pacific Northwest. That breadth of experience, as a writer, scientist, teacher, actor, filmmaker, and mother, has given me a deep understanding of what makes people tick. I use that knowledge in my business to find ingenious ways to reach specific audiences.

I have been a freelance journalist since 1998 and have published more than 250 pieces on web sites and in magazines and books. A complete list of my publications can be found on my Clips Page. I blog about life and work at My Wilde WorldI earned degrees in Environmental Science from Western Washington University‚Äôs Huxley College of the Environment and in Biology and Chemistry from University of Puget Sound. My experience and education informs my work each day.

I’m a proud member of Sustainable Connections and have lived in the Bellingham area for more than 25 years. I’m at my best when I’m using my creativity to help others go after their dreams and goals.

I also like to play as hard as I work. You might bump into me out in this beautiful Pacific Northwest community while I’m listening to a great band, performing in an original play, or hiking a local trail. Be sure to say hello!


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