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How to Share Your Story Locally

Many of my clients are small businesses and organizations whose customer base is primarily local. My job is to bring them customers through various forms of publicity. Yes, they want to be known regionally and even nationally as a respected business owners or leaders,... read more

Meet Lauren Brigolin

I am so pleased to announce that Lauren Brigolin has joined the Wilde World Communications team as an Assistant Public Relations Strategist. She brings fresh eyes, solid digital media skills, and her own creative flair to this Wilde World. I’ll look forward to... read more

The Power of the Pitch

One of the services I offer to my clients is to pitch article ideas about their business, product or service to publications. The goal is simple: to get someone to write about them, or better yet, let me write about them. That could be a website, blog, professional... read more

Celebrating Success and Positive Change

I love writing about the success of others. Getting the word out about people and businesses leading the way helps shape our culture. So I encourage businesses and individuals to do great things in our community by helping them get recognized for their efforts.... read more