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One of the services I offer to my clients is to pitch article ideas about their business, product or service to publications. The goal is simple: to get someone to write about them, or better yet, let me write about them. That could be a website, blog, professional trade journal, magazine or newspaper. Whatever is relevant. The initial result of course is exposure. But when someone writes about you, you get so much more than that. You also get:

  • The opportunity to share that exposure with your existing social media following,
  • A level of credibility and legitimacy as a business and business owner that cannot be bought
  • The opportunity to be recognized and venerated by your peers that also appear in the publication
  • The chance to be discovered by an entirely new audience who might have never found you via other channels

florists review pozie by natalie ransom lorraine wilde world comm floral couture pitchI often recommend this service to clients who already have their ducks in a row. Publications that write about you not only want to know that their current readers will enjoy the piece, but also that the publication will get something out of the relationship. That something is new additional readers. They only get those readers if you and your business already have a quality website and a following, on social media, via email and within your community, at whatever scale, whether that’s local or global.

My client Natalie Ransom of Pozie by Natalie just became a very big, impressive, perfect example of the power of the pitch.

When I first met with Natalie, she already had a beautiful, functional web site and a large Facebook and Instagram following that she had built alone, from the ground up. She was managing all that and her business just fine. But she was ready to level up. And level up she did.

Natalie had the glorious inspiration to create clothing out of the plants and flowers she uses in her floral business. She partnered with two local photographers and local models to capture her ephemeral one-of-a-kind work. She called it floral couture clothing. Of course, that wasn’t her original idea, some of us remember GaGa’s meat dress, but what Natalie created was truly breathtaking. Once the photo shoot was complete and the photos processed, the rest was up to me.

I crafted a simple pitch to accompany the best photographs and then researched the publications that were most likely to grab up her beautiful work, one-by-one as her budget allowed. Of course, I’m an optimist so I started with the biggest, loftiest, most prestigious publications I could find. As any writer will tell you, you submit the pitch, sending it off into the ether, and never look back. Will your pitch be rejected? Of course, perhaps hundreds of times. You’ve seen the meme about how many times J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter was rejected before finding its home.

florists review pozie by natalie ransom lorraine wilde world comm floral couture pitchSo off into the ether went my individually-crafted and rewritten pitches of Natalie’s floral couture clothing, month after month. AND THEN.

Natalie was chatting with a florist friend one afternoon. She nonchalantly picked up a copy of Florists’ Review, a high end glossy trade magazine that has been published since 1897, the oldest and largest in the United States (and many other countries). As she flipped through the magazine a photo caught her eye…a photo of her own work. She flipped back to the cover to see that the main feature of the issue in bold letters was…floral couture. Her work appeared along with that of fellow floral artists in the July 2017 issue and, perhaps, inspired the piece.

After having several oh my gosh moments, Natalie called me to let me know about her honor and joy of having her work appear in one of the most prestigious publications in her field. It was then my honor and joy as well. We do make a great team that way.

In the year that Natalie and I have worked together, she and her work have appeared in at least seven other publications in some form or another. She has earned and deserves every second in that spotlight. I love working with her and am honored to call such an incredible businesswoman my client.

Of course, Florists’ Review only used two of her stunning photos by Clinton James Photography and Kim Lincoln Photography, which means the other 50+ are still up for grabs. I’ll continue to find worthy homes for them for as long as it makes sense to do so. I cannot wait for the next shoot she’ll send my way.