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Many of my clients are small businesses and organizations whose customer base is primarily local. My job is to bring them customers through various forms of publicity. Yes, they want to be known regionally and even nationally as a respected business owners or leaders, but local customers are their bread and butter. My 25 years of experience and connections in the Bellingham and Whatcom County community and throughout the Pacific Northwest means I understand the community, it’s earned media publications and many, many of its editors.

Last week, one of my publicity tips was graciously included in an article on FitSmallBusiness.com by Kelly Main, How to Get a Story on the Local News (Newspapers, TV & Radio) 2019. Check out her insightful tips from content creators of all different backgrounds to see if you can incorporate any of them into your small business publicity plans. By sharing tips, tricks, insights and lessons we empower writers and others to produce great work.

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This is also a great example of ways that I successfully get regional and national coverage for my own clients. This online resource will be shared across my social media platforms for the next year and continues to establish me among experts in my field. Scanning my clips page gives you an idea of the type of coverage I am able to obtain for my clients. But these are just the articles I pen myself on behalf of my clients. The list doesn’t include the radio interviews, newsletter articles, website content and social media posts that I also score on their behalf.

It’s important to keep learning and growing in order to do better work. In 2019, it’s hard to know what has value, where to focus your time and how to get your business attention among the noise. Get in touch today for your free 30-minute consultation to discuss how I can help your small business acquire more earned media attention, whether that is newspaper, TV, radio, magazines, blogs, newsletters and other online outlets.