Hiawatha Children's Opera Theatre Grand Rapids. Photo by Steven Depolo.

Hiawatha Children’s Opera Theatre Grand Rapids. Photo by Steven Depolo.

Among the barrage of politics, tweets, posts, and range of media available today, those that are getting attention are those getting creative. Mount Baker Theatre (MBT) has run a very creative marketing program this season. Their campaign is getting noticed because they have the perfect combination of creativity and follow-through.

I was delighted to help them follow through on one of their many innovative ideas. Since the fall, I have been channeling the historic theater’s resident ghost, Ghost Judy, in a series of blog posts, with still many more to come.

I loved writing this new post with Judy’s suggestions on how you can give the gift of the MBT experience this holiday season.

Judy has lived at the MBT for almost 90 years, seeing 400+ shows and 110,000 visitors annually, so she knows a thing or two about theater and the people that watch it.

It has been my pleasure to be her and I hope you’ll like and follow her posts on WhatcomTalk.com. She, of course, is a friendly ghost enhancing the experience of visitors and, herself, loving every minute of her haunting privileges.