My goal at Wilde World Communications is to help small businesses and organizations make their dreams come true. My plan for each is as custom and unique as the organization itself. Sometimes its just about taking care of the basics, like developing a quality website or a solid following on relevant social media. For others it means helping them build an outreach strategy. For a select few, it means taking things to the next level, whatever that level may be, like being seen internationally or busting in to an established niche to stand with the big boys and girls.

That’s why I love working with local filmmaker Wilson Large. He is taking his passion project, the Dark Darkness web series, to the next level. Season Zero of the four episode web series used over 90 local actors and crew and became an official selection at several national and international film festivals. That success was hard earned and now Wilson is ready for the next chapter in pursuing his dream. That chapter includes business partners, pitching to studios and distributors, and a potential $1.2 million budget for Seasons One and Two in either a continued web series format or a full-on feature film. You can read more about it in my article.

I am delighted at being sucked into the Darkness. I can’t wait to help him continue to shape his brand, gain new followers, convert existing followers to die-hard fans, and help key players in the independent film market see all of Dark Darkness’ potential.

You can help. Season Zero Episode I Ronald’s Summoning is below. Then head over to YouTube and watch all four short episodes. Then tell your friends. You’ll be glad you saw this franchise before it blew up on the world stage.