I love writing about the success of others. Getting the word out about people and businesses leading the way helps shape our culture. So I encourage businesses and individuals to do great things in our community by helping them get recognized for their efforts.

Lorraine Wilde Wilde World Communications Dan Dunne CAZ Energy Services Bellingham Whatcom Toward Zero Waste Sustainable Connections weatherization whatcomtalk.comHere’s a recent example: CAZ Energy Services reduced their waste sent to the landfill each month by more than 50%! That alone is a huge accomplishment worthy of recognition. But their business itself is also doing great things for our world. Their focus is on weatherizing homes and businesses to help them cut their energy consumption long-term. Another boon for the planet.

CAZ was able to cut their landfill waste by acting as a case study for an incredible community-supported program administered by Sustainable Connections Toward Zero Waste division. Trained professionals audit businesses and help them figure out where to reuse, recycle, and reduce as much as possible. They provide the audit, references, and refe
rrals needed to make the changes needed to keep our planet healthy in the long-term.

You can read more about both CAZ and Sustainable Connections in my WhatcomTalk.com article. The Toward Zero Waste program is eager to help more businesses as well, so get in touch or send your fellow businesses their way right away!

If you’d like your business to lead the way to positive change in your community, or you’re already doing something positive, get in touch so we can discuss how to let others know you’re leading by example and so we can continue to develop a culture of positive change together.