Wilde World Communications Lorraine Wilde CASCADIA International Women's Film FestivalI have so many reasons to be excited about CASCADIA International Women’s Film Festival. I’m an amateur filmmaker myself and a life-long lover of film. I’m a powerful woman. I’m also happiest when I’m using my work to lift up the positive people and businesses in my community.

This is the little festival that could. The idea was born three¬†years ago and this week, it will come to fruition. I’ve been overjoyed to be working with CASCADIA to build their following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I’ve also been able to help them with website modifications, ad prep and delivery, and a whole slew of miscellaneous tasks that neither of us could have predicted.

Together, this team is pulling it off. Beginning Wednesday, April 19 and through Sunday, April 23, CASCADIA will screen 24 exceptional, ground-breaking films directed by women from around the world (Russia, Bulgaria, Sweden, Australia, and Italy to name a few) at Pickford Film Center and Mount Baker Theatre. Their range is incredible. From shorts to feature length, documentary and narrative work, and serious topics like Holocaust survivors and the use of the word ‘Slut’ to the playful, poetic fantasy, this festival will delight.

I can’t wait to participate and I’ll look forward to getting to spend the next year helping to make this festival even bigger and better in 2018.