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When I was asked to develop ideas and content for indoor activities for visitors to my area, I could have started from scratch. But when I began to brainstorm the list of where I’d send tourists, I discovered that my recommendations would include many of the places I’d already written about. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I built a new blog post around more detailed content already written by myself and other talented Bellingham Experience writers.

By linking to existing content, I was able to accomplish several valuable publicity goals:

  • New readers discovered existing high quality content,
  • Readers only had to click into the details on topics relevant to them, and
  • The post maintained the feel of a round up overview while still providing the nitty gritty readers really want.

Take a look at my Bellingham Experience Insider Blog post, 5 Ways to Stay Warm and Active in Bellingham this Winter, for an example of how new content can be built that showcases existing quality content. This approach can save you and your team valuable time and money while improving readership of your existing content.

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